There is an amazing diversity of greeting customs around the world. In Tibet sticking out your tongue is a welcoming gesture. In New Zealand, the Moari greet by touching noses. Ethiopians greet by touching shoulders, Congolese touch foreheads. Most Asians greet with a bow. Europeans and Arabs are more familiar with hugs and kisses onContinue reading “Handshakes”


Lockdown, not a word I would have assigned to my country. It is normally heard in movies set in prisons or warships, not my home. It is easy to see that life will never be the same again. Try clearing your throat while standing in a queue. Everyone is a suspect. Wars of old wereContinue reading “Lockdown”


I’m not sure what your last week was like, but I’m guessing it has been weird, surreal. A little list of changes, in your work, your finances, your school and aftercare, your shopping trolley, your worldview, your handwashing, your holiday plans, and shaking hands. A great time to consider what we really need to surviveContinue reading “COVID-19”

Self Discovery

Just for fun, let us pretend that money was not a consideration, you have enough, for every day of the month. So imagine a life with no end of the month Salti-Crax. Every day your physical needs are met. You want for nothing, nothing material that is. With the above premise in place, what areContinue reading “Self Discovery”


Changes – David Bowie 1971 Still don’t know what I was waitin’ forAnd my time was runnin’ wildA million dead end streets andEvery time I thought I’d got it madeIt seemed the taste was not so sweetSo I turned myself to face meBut I’ve never caught a glimpseHow the others must see the fakerI’m muchContinue reading “Changes”

Accountability Matters

“Accountability matters when it comes to engagement” – Chris McChesney Accountability is the best present to give to anybody at work, your children, your soccer team. It is true that most people thrive and give extra effort when they know that they are accountable, what they do or don’t do has purpose and meaning. PatrickContinue reading “Accountability Matters”

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