Lockdown, not a word I would have assigned to my country. It is normally heard in movies set in prisons or warships, not my home. It is easy to see that life will never be the same again. Try clearing your throat while standing in a queue. Everyone is a suspect. Wars of old were done on clear rules and guidelines. One army lined up facing the enemy, uniforms and ensigns would proclaim allegiance. Sides were clearly defined. Today, the enemy has infiltrated our safe spaces. Viruses know no age, gender, social standing or ethnicity. Not just the physical implications to be dealt with but also the terrorist-style effect on our thinking and prejudice. Fear has not just heightened our awareness of hygiene but also our “me first” attitude. Survival mode 101!

We now have a perfect opportunity to instruct and show our children what it means to be mindful of others. Help the elderly with shopping. Put a little something extra in the bag from you. Be generous, many around us do not have the financial means to prep or secure basic provisions and needs. We can all help. Try not to shop from a fear basis but from a need basis. Cover the basics. Think tin foods and preserves first, as fresh produce may well spoil before you get to the back of the fridge. Where we live there is still the real prospect of load shedding, then our fridges and freezers become less effective, unless you have a generator.

I believe we need to have a long term vision. Think about what it will look like 2 months from now or maybe longer. The point is, that at some time this virus will be beaten and we as humans will try to pick up where we left off and rebuild the future. Keep your eye on the positive opportunities that will emerge then. Yes, I know that unemployment is soaring as markets plummet but like many times in history, it will turn. A new workforce will be needed, new markets will emerge. Have hope.

We are now a tech dependant society. Online meetings, relations, entertainment and shopping are the order of the day. But there is also a plethora of online education options. Many are free or affordable. Set time aside to learn, upskill and empower yourself in this time of isolation. A few weeks from now you could have completed a course that could help your future work prospects. Even if it does not lead to financial gain, nobody can steal your knowledge. It is a great time to pursue a passion or two.

I am preaching to myself as I have procrastinated for a long time now to write the book that is within me. I can hear my family and friends cheering.

What if lockdown is the very means to kick start your dreams or the next stage of your journey? It is up to you, to me, to determine how the next few weeks will affect our lives. Be positive, have faith, believe. The immediate dark cloud in front of us is hiding a bright future.

God bless and stay safe


Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

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