I’m not sure what your last week was like, but I’m guessing it has been weird, surreal. A little list of changes, in your work, your finances, your school and aftercare, your shopping trolley, your worldview, your handwashing, your holiday plans, and shaking hands.

A great time to consider what we really need to survive and who or what is on our priority list.

Saw some humorous memes around no sport and discovering spouses, who knew they were always there? What seemed relevant and or important before, may not now. Although, please can we resolve the question around all the sporting leagues? I need to have a final result! The idea of cancelling this season makes the hours I spent watching even less pertinent.

But what I have realised is how much I miss physical interaction. I am referring to giving hugs and putting your arm around someone in need. For some people with a Sheldon Cooper disposition, this must be the best time ever, laughing into their sleeves. The laying on of hands is now an extreme sport, only for the brave! Tele-evangelists delight! I like conversing face to face. I know there will be a great spike in Zoom and Skype meetings, I am just old school. Thankfully, we do have the tech to carry on while under house arrest. The push to work from home will be justified and offices will be made redundant. Germs are yet to work out how to transmit electronically. Please insert an unending string of dad jokes here about computer viruses and the like. Maybe even leave a few in the comments, a good laugh is a great medicine!

As we the human race have survived floods, plagues, wars, pestilence and taxes, I am sure we will come out the other side of Covid-19 stronger. More instructions and actionable plans for healthy living and good hygiene must be a global priority. Each one of us can help, our selves, our families and who ever is in our sphere of influence. We do take a lot for granted.

That does not take away from sorrow and suffering, but rather an ovation to our perseverance and never quit attitude. Remember, your attitude determines your altitude and your altitude determines your vision!

God bless and stay safe.


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