Hi. I know I have bee gone for a while. It does seem lame now, but I was waiting for an awesome inspiration to hit me. Well, my pride was such that I wanted each written line to be profound and awe inspiring. The truth is, that most of life, is mastering the mundane. You see, we get highlights of famous peoples lives. We only see the highlights or the lowlights. The rest of their lives are not worth observing. But it is these boring uneventful days that get us to the exciting or challenging days.

Since my last blog, Mrs Brent and I attended a wedding. Our friend was getting married for the third time. Talk about persistence! Other than the groom, best man and sons, we did not know anybody else. This was a great evening of meeting new people and being exposed to many different lives. We laughed and danced and really enjoyed ourselves. We slept over at the venue, and the 2 hour drive home, gave us a time to reflect on conversations from the night before. What was common across all conversations was that everybody had a story to tell. Every one had endured challenges, some still ongoing, others had risen above them. Shout out to Pepe Marais from Joe Public, go check him out! His memorable quote ” If given an option to dance or sit, always dance!” He and his wife danced the night away. They moved in such synergy and timing, I spent an inordinate amount of time just watching them. What love and enjoyment in every move.

Pepe has had enormous challenges in his life and still has a positive outlook on life, always looking to help more and more of society. A real inspiration.

We are blessed, blessed beyond what we need. We have opportunity to help others. Stop looking at your electronic devises all the time. Look up, observe the people near you! I guarantee that you will find someone you can help. I don’t mean always money, some one just needs to be noticed, acknowledged. Open a door, carry a bag, hold a lift door open. Smile at someone, not every one is nut job. Engage where you are, you are not there by accident.

At every opportunity, DANCE! Like no one is watching.


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