Self Discovery

Just for fun, let us pretend that money was not a consideration, you have enough, for every day of the month. So imagine a life with no end of the month Salti-Crax. Every day your physical needs are met. You want for nothing, nothing material that is.

With the above premise in place, what are you going to do to fill your days? What is going to motivate you to get out of bed? Will anything fire you up to wake early, I mean,really early? Like before sunrise! What motivates you? What or who drives you? Whose drum do you march to? What handicap do you want?

I believe that if you are able to confidently answer any of these questions, you will start to identify passion and purpose. Your passion and purpose. That which you desired as an innocent naive young person, before you became so jaded. Before events like tertiary education, conscription, marriage, divorce, children, failed businesses, destructive partnerships. Oh wait, that sounds decidedly like my life. But is it possible to bounce back? Can I turn setbacks into comebacks? Believe me, I am going to keep fighting as long as I am in the ring.

I am on a journey to discover my passions, that which excites me. Why? Why not? One of the big differences in my life now is that I have family around me, some of them by blood, some by love and commitment. Get the right type of encourages along side you. Mentors that will be honest, truthful and still loving with you. Nothing quite like a few choice words to spur me back to the path. A kind rebuke is better than an untrue edification.

A wise man knows he needs advice, a fool thinks he knows everything. I choose not to let where I start determine where I will end. Run the race to win man. Winning in this instance is not to beat someone else, but to progress into a better me. To beat the me from yesterday.

Do you know what your passions are? I would love to hear what they may be. Sharing your vision and passion will inspire others. Tell your story. I am going to try and tell mine.


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