Reach Higher

I would like to explore the uphill analogy along with motivation and inspiration. Read posts “Downhill or Uphill” and “Motivate or Inspire” for foundation and premise for the following thoughts.

I would like to put forward that coaches motivate. They are normally some one who gives instruction and motivation from the sideline and not the actual field of play. They would come underneath you and push you to achieve. The problem is that sometimes they have not achieved personal success on the field of battle. Yes, we do respect them, but seldom would we want to emulate them in all aspects of our lives. They may not tolerate failure and should you not perform as desired, you might just find yourself sidelined or relegated to a lower team. The problem with motivation is that it has a sell by date, you have a deadline looming. Motivation is good, don’t get me wrong, but if you want greatness in your life you will need more. Many athletes suffer depression after achieving their goal. Had the coaches rather taken a holistic approach, they could prepare for the after effects. Coaches sometimes only focus on the finish line.

A great leader on the other hand, is someone that stands above you, on the mountain you are climbing. They reach down to pull you up, using their skill and experiences on the journey to help you up. They set an example that inspires you to persevere, to go beyond the normal.They would also set the tone in other areas of your life. A good leader is not in competition or threaten by you. Actually it reflects well on them should you surpass them. So they would invest whole heartily in you, your complete well-being, that you are equipped for the challengers that lie higher up. The mission is not the target or goal, but you are the mission. Results are measured by how well you develop while climbing. Should they have performed their role correctly, you will be equipped to face other challengers, especially those that are new to both of you. Once you summit, you can reach down and pull another up. Look for new mountains, new challenges.

You can only do so much. Find inspiration, find a mentor. A real person and not an online entity is first prize. Try to schedule one on one meetings. Ask as many questions as you can think of. Write them down before the meeting so as to not waste time or to help with forgetfulness . Become a great leader. A leader is not a title or position but rather a reflection on how you influence. That will be for another time.

Your thoughts and experiences are always welcome.


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