Pick 3

My breakfast date today with the brothers was great and challenging as all ways. No, we are not a cult or sect or fraternity, well maybe, depending on definition. I digress. We are like minded, vision sharing, encouraging, account holding business people.

I try not to sit next to Tim as he always looks right through me, into my soul. You know what I mean? That 1000 yard Clint Eastwood stare. I am yet to get another seat as I am goaded by the others not avoid the open seat next to Tim. I keep hoping Tim’s favor rubs off on me, so I concede.

Many discussions ensue with much laughter, good food and coffee. Merriment around a meal is meant to be an encouraging time. Then it gets real, really honest as Tim challenges us to get past the veneer and be real and vulnerable with each other. Pick up the phone, share and ask for help. This is why we have each other. Not one of us has it all together, all the answers, all the strategies, all the resources. But together we can achieve so much more than alone. We tend to believe that to be vulnerable is to show weakness but the irony is that from that point of vulnerability we can grow stronger and faster.

Nic also drops a clanger from Randi Zuckerberg. “Work,Sleep,Family,Fitness or Friends: Pick 3.” Is it possible, that at different times in building companies or careers, my answer can change? Or am I never allowed to sacrifice Family? That actually only leaves 2 more options. Or should I be travelling for work? People put different priorities to different aspects of their lives. What if your boss is a workaholic or a fitness fanatic, that never sleeps and has no family? It would be rather hard to keep up, what with a wife, four children, being slightly overweight and a socialite. And is it wrong to say “no”? The work/life balance question has raged on for years. What if one answer does does not fit each of us unique individuals the same? Is my right your wrong?

Take time to seek the answer where you are at currently. Be the best you for yourself and for others. The world needs you!

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