Downhill or Uphill

“If you have downhill habits but uphill hopes, you are going to be disappointed.” – John C Maxwell

The hardest person to change and lead in this life is yourself. We did not have any ice-cream in the house but I did eat a bowl of jelly for breakfast yesterday. Before you applaud my brave step into breaking the normal expected behavior, I need to confess that my wife asked me to finish the bowl so she could have more space for vegetables in the refrigerator. For a brief moment I did feel like a child and it felt great. But life and greatness is done by mastering the mundane. The simple disciplines done daily will build towards that big moment. I believe too many of us are waiting for the lightning to strike and in one sudden flash we will have reached or realized all our hearts desires.

When asking or reading of anyone who has achieved some level of success, whether in the business arena, sports fields or at home, they will tell of many hours of doing drills, running the extra mile, learning new skills after hours, all when no one is watching before goals were surpassed. A dietary goal is never reached after just 1 good meal, followed by a reward of low fat chocolate. It is only after weeks or months of correct eating that the scale becomes your friend .These were not highlights or even fond memories but they were necessary to achieve greatness, to rise above ordinary, maybe to even exceed expectations placed on one’s life. Likewise, integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching or going to reward you. Not always easy.

In a world where patience is thin and multi tasking is the order of the day, to squeeze the most out of every second of every day, we may be encouraged to take short cuts, to bend the truth or adjust figures to impress, just to get an increase or promotion ahead of the competition. Very few of us take the time to just think or contemplate before rushing into the next task. Take time to prioritize, to weigh up options, reflect on relationships. Am I adding or taking in this situation? What are my motives for doing or saying something? Is it to my benefit only or am I contributing to someone else’s journey?

It is my hope to make a positive contribution to all that I meet or deal with. Take a moment to think it through before responding or reacting. This as always seems to be the hardest with the people I love the most, Help push each other up the hill of hope. It is the least we can do.

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