My friend Sherry drops a pearl this morning,” Grateful is the man that wants what his got.” That was a poignant moment to reflect on this week. I am grateful for my wife and children. Having two children in university and two in primary school is challenging but what a growing , learning experience for me. I am grateful for my FAMILY that love and support me, I know that it is not always easy. I am grateful for my health and mobility.Every morning that I get out the bed unaided is a result worth celebrating! I am grateful that I think all my faculties are functioning and it is my thought alone that really matters. I am grateful to be gainfully employed. I am grateful that all my worldly possessions and needs are met. I clearly have not missed a meal in some time!

I am grateful that my life has meaning and purpose and so does yours. DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT! You are awesome!!!!

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