First Fish

Saturday morning has been spent next to the dam, right across the road from our home, what more could a man ask for? Two new friends made. I help first timer to the dam land a 6,5kg carp. I lost one rig as my line broke trying to lift fish into my net, frustrating to say the least.

But as we were experiencing load shedding, Brentling 3 came to fish with me. Brentling 3 has come down many times without any luck. Today that all changed as he landed his first carp/fish. What a privilege and proud moment for dad! There aren’t too many other moments to top that. I will load a pic as soon as I learn how. Tech challenge for the day.

Later Mrs Brent came to join me, mag in hand and water bottle to boot. She was in for the long haul. Not too long later after she had commanded my chair, she jumps up over me, no scream, no warning, not even a word. From far away she shouts to me that there is a snake. I seethe tail of it as it enters the long grass. I don’t know if my wife will ever join me again?

Great day by the water, first fish, lost 2 rigs and my wife…….

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