I am Adult

Being an adult is over rated and simultaneously understated, just like being a parent. As a child I longed for the day when as an adult, I could wake up and have ice cream for breakfast. Needless to say with an increasing waistline and a health conscious wife, I have All-Bland for breakfast. (that is not a typo error!). I am approaching 48, still struggling between being or acting as a responsible middle aged man. I anticipate that society has an expectation on my life to remain within the lines, raising children and setting a positive example.

Sitting in the school parking lot the other day, sharing a coffee with my brother, we make an observation. The parents that are dropping of their angelic offspring, were in school not so long ago. At school, where we were still learning about drug and alcohol abuse. Smoking was cool and girls were mysterious beings that had the alien power to turn our brains to porridge. Now I have a child and suddenly I automatically have it all together. I know what is best for them, I am never wrong and I never loose control. Amazing, if only it was true. I question what is normal adult behavior?

Self control is needed in all situations, unless your favorite sport team needs encouraging. Couch coaching at its best! Then I look at my children, and with that same enthusiasm, I should be cheering them on. Shout and cheer them to greatness! Even when it is more than obvious that they will surpass me on all levels. That will be the evidence that although I am faulted, I would have been a good adult and a good dad.

5 thoughts on “I am Adult

  1. I love that as an adult, we get to cheer kids on and join them in their craziness. (written in the boiling car park, listening the musings of my kid’s peers and waiting for the offspring to appear and hoping that she is not hangry)


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