Expedient Government Process

So have you ever had random people say things to you, declaring words over your future? This happens to me, sometimes unsolicited and other times I ask for it. It has been spoken over my life that I would travel extensively. Exciting I know! The problem has remained that my passport had expired many years ago. The horrible tales of long ques, unfriendly staff, excruciating slow service and just the general mind numbing waste of time really caused extended procrastination on my side. But hey, maybe I should meet God halfway and at least get the renewed passport and bring the future into my present.

The process has changed somewhat. In the past, the title of this post would have been an oxymoron of note. So application can be done online, along with payment and make a booking the following day for bio-metric capture and photo. I took the opportunity to apply for the new ID card at the same time.

Visit ehome.dha.gov.za/ehomeaffairs.

Off I go the Standard Bank branch in Canal Walk for bio-metrics. Failing to have read the requirements properly, I had to go back home to fetch my latest issued ID book. Jump to the front of the ques on returning and 1,2,3, photo, fingerprints and signature done, all digitally, so no nasty ink stains. No jokes, one week later, my passport is ready for collection.

Well done to all the employees who made this possible, I am truly impressed!

Now God, where is my ticket?

One thought on “Expedient Government Process

  1. Ticket is on its way!

    Knowing the answer is in the waiting and while you there, you might as well pour yourselves a 🥃 and relax……


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